About the Executive Advisory Council

We encourage you to be an active NAPIPM member. If you are interested in contacting a EAC member, see our "Executive Advisory Council" list.

If you are a new EAC member or interested in becoming a EAC member, see "Executive Advisory Council Duties".

The roles of the regional representative are:

  • sharing of national information on federal programs
  • your direct contact with APHSA thru the NAPIPM EAC
  • sharing of information important to other states in your region
  • connecting you with other states and organizations with similar issues
  • collecting state comments on proposed federal Medicaid, TANF, and Food Stamp regulations
  • help you resolve your state's Medicaid, TANF, and Food Stamp issues through APHSA contacts

And of course, designing and developing the annual NAPIPM Conference.

The NAPIPM EAC meets via teleconference on the first Friday of every month. Need more information?

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