Past Initiatives

TANF Job Search Assistance Strategies Evaluation

The TANF JSA Strategies Evaluation is a four-year project, from 2013-2017, funded by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The grant is designed to document the most effective strategies in assisting TANF recipients in finding quality jobs more quickly. 


The project includes both an impact study, which will randomly assign individuals to contrasting JSA approaches and compare employment and earnings to determine their relative effectiveness; and an implementation study, which will measure services participants receive under each approach and provide operational lessons gathered directly from practitioners. 


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The webinar, TANF JSA Strategies Evaluation: Discovering What Works, was hosted by Cynthia Woodside, APHSA Senior Policy Associate for Economic Supports on February 25, 2014. Presenters included: Karin Martinson, Project Director, Abt Associates, Inc.; Michelle Derr, Co-Principal Investigator, Mathematic Policy Research; and Erica Zielewski, Project Officer, ACF. 



Pathways for Advancing Careers and Education (PACE)

PACE is a ten-year project begun in 2007 and funded by the Administration on Children and Families to study the effectiveness of career pathways programs. Career pathways programs are designed not only to help recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and other low-income individuals secure employment, but literally to set them on pathways to increasing wages and long-term self-sufficiency. 


APHSA’s interest and engagement in the project as a subcontractor is routed in our members’ Pathways initiative and supports one of the four Pathways’ goals – gainful employment and independence. The primary contract recipient is Abt Associates. APHSA worked with Abt to identify and secure the study sites and to communicate with our members about the project’s progress. 


The September 26 project webinar, Pathways for Advancing Careers and Education (PACE): If Employment is the Goal, Are Career Pathways the Answer?, was hosted by Cynthia Woodside of APHSA and featured presentations by Brendan Kelly, ACF project officer, Karen Gardiner, principal investigator for Abt, and Seanna Ruvkun, project manager for Health Careers for All at the Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County.


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