Membership & Partnership Opportunities

Influence Build Connect

APHSA is network of state, local, and social sector leaders that pursue excellence in health and human services. Serving as a hub for the health and human services community, we work with and through our members to influence integrated and outcome-focused policy and practice to advance system-level transformation in H/HS; build knowledge and capacity in the field that enables Value Curve Progression and fosters the desired outcomes; and connect members, peer communities, and partners with each other to accelerate learning and generate solutions together.

APHSA’s members are committed and passionate human service professionals who strive to provide individuals and families the opportunity to live their healthiest lives and reach their full potential. APHSA believes that we all should have the opportunity to be well regardless of where we live, what our histories are, or what our life experiences have been.

Millions of children, adults, and families in our country experience barriers daily in achieving well-being. Working with and through our members, APHSA influences policy and practice and creates tools and resources for a modern, responsive health and human services system that breaks down these barriers and enables individuals, families, and communities to thrive. Join us on this shared journey!

Being able to connect with peers in the legal areas of health and human services through my participation in APHSA is an invaluable resource for me and my team. As a volunteer leader with the AAHHSA affinity group, I am able to stay in tune with the latest on federal policies as well as learn from some of the best thought leaders on child welfare and Medicaid legal issues which states and localities are facing. These connections have helped me to resolve issues throughout my practice in health and human services and I look forward to creating new connections every year through APHSA."

~ Jerald A. Sharum, JD, MPA, Director, Division of Provider Services and Quality Assurance, Arkansas Department of Human Services Chair, AAHHSA

Primary Membership Levels

State Agency Membership

State Agency

These members are those responsible for administering health and human services at the state level. State Agency membership includes the agency CEO (appointed by the Governor of each state) and all agency staff.

For detailed information about State Agency memberships, please contact Donna Jarvis-Miller, Director, Membership and Events at (202) 866-0569.

Local Agency Membership

Local Agency

These members are those responsible for administering health and human services at the county or municipal level. City and County agency Membership includes the agency CEO and all agency staff.

For detailed information or questions about Local Agency memberships, please contact Guy DeSilva, Director Engagement Operations and Marketing at (202) 866-0557.

Associate Membership


These members are organizations connected to the field of health and human services. These organizations include state associations, nonprofits, advocacy and community based organizations, universities and other academic institutions, and state, local or community agencies not directly represented through the APHSA Affinity Groups.

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Individual Membership


Individual Members are any individuals with an interest in health and human services who are not directly associated with a state or local agency.

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Partnership Opportunities

SIP Partners

Strategic Industry Partners

These partnerships are organizations that share our values of creating a modern H/HS system that leads to stronger, healthier individuals, families and communities. These partners are actively involved in helping to shape national policies that positively affect human serving agencies by working with APHSA and our members on specific issues which benefit from private sector input and support. Our Partners are engaged members of the H/HS community - supporting and working with APHSA's Collaborative Centers on policy initiatives, attending and speaking at conferences and events, hosting informative discussions that benefit H/HS leaders and acting as a transformative force to bring positive change to the broader H/HS community.

For detailed information or questions about the Strategic Industry Partner Program, please click here .

SIP Partners

Strategic Research and Evidence Partners

These partnerships are organizations that create and disseminate evidence-based and evidence-informed research that help shape policies and programs on the state, county and national levels. Strategic Research and Evidence Partners engage with APHSA:

  • Regularly to contribute significant, meaningful research to the H/HS field and related sectors.
  • Utilize multiple approaches to research, analysis and evaluation – qualitative and quantitative; rapid cycle; and are not bound by randomized controlled trials or traditional research methods.
  • Have the capacity to do meaningful data analysis at all levels of data.
  • Gain access to major administrative population-level data.

For detailed information or questions about the Strategic Research and Evidence Partner Program, please click here.