Special Initiatives

Igniting the Potential

Last year, we started shining a spotlight on the role of the health and human services (H/HS) workforce in igniting and unlocking the potential of all people and places. With 2019 underway, we are still:

  • Designing the indicators of a healthy H/HS workforce with clinical and field experts
  • Providing new tools/guidance for agency leaders to support the professional development of the workforce and what the future workforce needs to look like (mindsets and skill sets)
  • Infusing content focused on supporting the H/HS workforce into various APHSA outlets
  • Leveraging peer communities who have influence on the H/HS workforce

Check back for updates throughout the year!

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Igniting the Potential was a recurring theme in the 2018 issues of our magazine, Policy & Practice. In each article, we helped members and partners highlight various efforts underway in the H/HS workforce from both the public and private sectors. Read the final article from the year here. For everything published prior to this article, visit our Policy & Practice page.

Igniting the Potential Article Cover