Bianca Shaw

Grassroots Manager All Voting Is Local Wisconsin

Bianca Shaw is an innovative Director, Policy Advisor, and Senior Strategist with more than 16 years of leadership experience and progressive public service in non-profit, state and local governance. Bianca is currently serving as a Grassroots Manager for All Voting is Local. She works to help eliminate threats to voter access in WI by building grass-tops coalitions throughout the state. In her last role she served as an appointed government position as the Director of the Office of Urban Development in the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. She directs the governor's quality early care and access educational initiative and manages more than $2.2 million in funds.

Bianca has designed and managed social service, economic development, and community advocacy programs. She is an Executive Consultant who has influenced both state and local policy programs. As a human rights advocate with an interest and background in state and local policies, Bianca has served as a Business Service Consultant for the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development and Program Director.

She is adept at crafting and executing a vision to transform communities and create effective social change. Bianca's mission is to help individuals move from poverty and low - income situations to middle income and stability.