Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness

Our team can help strengthen your agency's performance and capacity using the Value Curve, DAPIM, and more! Learn more about our services and products proven to lead to improved client outcomes.

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APHSA Collaborative Centers

Collaborative Centers

APHSA’s Collaborative Centers are focused on preventive and evidence-informed investments that improve overall population health and well-being and strengthen communities.

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Current Conferences & Events

Events & Conferences

Join us throughout the year for a variety of events and conferences. As details are finalized, view agendas, registration, and travel information. Access resources from recent past events too.

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Through APHSA’s National Council of Local Human Services Administrators, health, housing, and human services leaders generate solutions that are building thriving communities across the nation.

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On behalf of APHSA's member network, our President and CEO Tracy Wareing Evans released a statement on the conditions and care of migrant children in federal government custody. As leaders in the field of health and human services, and with responsibility for administering child protection systems in the US, we are struck by the stark contrast in what we espouse for children and youth and what is actually happening to migrant children.

The real-life story playing out for these children and their families is not about them weathering a short-term adversary or “bump” along the road, it has life-long implications for their healthy development and overall well-being...

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APHSA’s joint paper with the National Skills Coalition (NSC) suggests TANF shift to an outcomes-based accountability system where states are rewarded based on how successfully they assist TANF participants in earning in-demand job skills and gaining sustainable, family-supporting employment.

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Featured APHSA Publications

Policy & Practice
The most authoritative magazine in health and human services. Its comprehensive coverage offers insight from top experts on issues that affect your profession and the people you serve.

This Week in Washington
This is our weekly e-newsletter bringing you important updates from the Hill and the Administration in health and human services.

The Catalyst
Our blog, authored by APHSA staff, members, and partners, provides readers with the latest experiences, ideas, and innovations in health and human services.

Career Opportunities in Health and Human Services

APHSA serves as a gateway for job opportunities throughout the health and human services field. Employers look to APHSA for assistance in filling open positions, and job seekers will find a bevy of prospects throughout the United States.

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New Blog Posted - The Catalyst

Health is More than Health Care

Tackling the Social Determinants of Health and Equity

Urban Institute

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Policy Work

Changes to the Census Bureau’s Official Poverty Measure (OPM)

APHSA’s response to the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) request for comments 

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Policy Work

Jobs and Opportunities
with Benefits and Services
(JOBS) for Success Act

APHSA's analysis and response
to H.R. 5861 — A major
overhaul of the TANF program

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