APHSA stands ready to work with the new Federal Administration and Congress to address the profound economic, health, and inequity challenges before us as a nation. We proudly share these resources setting forth why human services sit at the Cornerstone for Resilient Communities and a Revitalized Economy and how federal policymakers can help meet the most pressing needs while laying the necessary tracks for all communities to thrive.

This policy brief, which supplements our Cornerstone paper, outlines principles for an equitable recovery that redesigns systems to counteract long-standing structural barriers and advance race equity.

The recommendations provided in Cornerstone, and the policy briefs that will follow, are drawn from the on-the-ground expertise of our members—state and local health and human services leaders responsible for overseeing and aligning services that build resilience and bolster family well-being through access to food, health care, employment, child care, and other key building blocks. Our nation’s human services professionals work with Americans in every community and across the lifespan to advance our shared vision for thriving communities built on human potential.

Times of crisis and deep hardship call for pulling together, not for pulling apart. As the work to fortify our stressed communities and lay a stronger foundation achieves traction, human services leaders are already at work, and look to strengthen partnerships and find new allies in the healing and rebuilding process.

We are currently working on additional policy briefs to add to this library of resources and help guide the new Administration during this period of transition and beyond. Please check back soon for the latest publications.

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