Announcing THRIVE: The New APHSA Learning Management System

July 25, 2023

Announcing THRIVE: The New APHSA Learning Management System
At APHSA, thriving communities built on human potential is our organizational vision. What does it mean to thrive? To thrive is a continual process of intentional growth and development, and in April 2023, we honored that vision with the launch of our new Learning Management System, THRIVE. This platform functions as a Training Hub for Resources, Innovation, and Virtual Exchange, providing the human services sector with essential learning and tools for them to thrive.

THRIVE facilitates discovering and expanding knowledge on pressing topics in human services through access to exclusive e-Learning courses. In addition to this expansive resource library, THRIVE offers access to online learning communities that spark collaboration among like-minded professionals. Aligned with APHSA's dedication to advancing equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging (EDIB), EDIB content features prominently on THRIVE, aiming to expand awareness of equity principles, help learners better understand diverse populations, and gain skills that foster effective EDIB practices, including building a culture of belonging within an organization. To get the most out of this content, learners should approach these EDIB courses with an open mind and with the intention to learn and grow a deeper understanding of how to better support diverse marginalized populations.

THRIVE resources are developed in collaboration with subject matter experts and an instructional designer. Together, they map out content and determine the best delivery modes to achieve the most sustainable learning. Delivery modes include auditory and visual aids, interactions, and scenario-based exercises. The content housed on THRIVE aims to provide insight and practice on relevant topics in human services. This allows for deeper insights and gives learners the opportunity to apply and practice the knowledge and skills being shared.

What is the value of THRIVE?

  • Flexibility and accessibility: e-Learning allows learners to access educational content at their convenience and breaks down geographical barriers to make education accessible to a wider audience.
  • Continuous access to resources: THRIVE enables learners to reinforce their understanding by allowing them to revisit content whenever needed. Learners have continuous access to learning resources, including recorded content, discussion forums, and supplementary materials.
  • Multimodal learning: THRIVE uses a variety of multimedia elements, such as videos, simulations, and interactive quizzes, to deliver content. This multimodal approach caters to diverse learning preferences, allows for more interactive and hands-on learning, and enhances learner engagement.

We invite you to join us on THRIVE! Visit the THRIVE website today and see for yourself all it has to offer!

Announcing THRIVE: The New APHSA Learning Management System

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