Our Dream Deferred: Fulfilling the Nation’s Promise Podcast Series

By APHSA  October 22, 2021

Seventy years ago, poet Langston Hughes questioned: What happens to a dream deferred? Alluding to the American dream that feels elusive for many – he asks what might happen if our nation’s offer of endless possibilities remains out of reach and unrealized?

We are excited to announce the premiere of our new podcast series, Our Dream Deferred: Fulfilling the Nation’s Promise. We explore prescient questions by engaging with a wide range of fields and a brilliant lineup of speakers. Together, we seek a new way forward, bringing us closer to fulfilling the American Dream for all.

Episode one features Anthony Barrows, a Managing Director at ideas42. These past few years, as our country has become more fragmented, and longstanding biases have come into plain sight, we’ve searched for ways to understand what we’re experiencing more deeply and to benefit from perspectives that can help us envision a path forward. Speaking with Anthony, we cover the importance of narrative change and how to do it in a positive way, what we can do as leaders and organizations to contribute to meaningful change, and what behavioral science can teach us about how to reach the people and communities we serve. We invite you to listen in, share widely, write us a review, and send us your feedback and questions!

Listen to the full episode here.

We’ll be releasing new episodes every Tuesday, and you’ll hear from other fascinating guests such as: Timothy Snyder, Levin Professor of History at Yale and author of On Tyranny; Derrik Anderson, Executive Director, Race Matters for Juvenile Justice; and Wendy Ellis, Assistant Professor and Director, Center for Community Resilience at GWU. You can find us on Spotify, Apple, and your other preferred streaming platforms by searching for “Our Dream Deferred”.

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