State Representatives

Justin Brown, Secretary
OK Department of Human Services

Vice Chair

Tribal Representative
Elizabeth Neptune, Tribal Councilwoman
Passamaquoddy Tribe

Michael Leach, Director
SC Department of Social Services

Kelly Kennedy Garcia, Director
IA Department of Human Services

Grace Hou, Secretary
IL Department of Human Services

Fariborz Pakseresht, Director
OR Department of Human Services

Laura Zeilinger, Director
DC Department of Human Services

Lewis Roubal, Chief Deputy Director-Opportunity
MI Department of Health and Human Services

Susan Gale Perry, Chief Deputy Secretary for Opportunity and Well-Being
NC Department of Health and Human Services

Kim Johnson, Director
CA Department of Social Services

Local Representatives

Erin Dalton, Director
Allegheny County (PA) Department of Human Servicest

Katie McDougal, Director
Adams County (CO) Human Services Department

Kate Garvey, Director
City of Alexandria (VA) Department of Community and Human Services

Cheryl Boley, Director
Perry County OH Job and Family Services Agency

Dan Makelky, Director
Douglas County CO Department of Human Services

Michael Becketts, Director
Fairfax County VA Department of Family Services

Jackie Contreras, Interim Director
Los Angeles County (CA) Department of Children and Family Services

Affinity Representatives

AAICPC Representative
Heather Spencer, Deputy Compact Administrator
OH Department of Job and Family Services

AASD Representative

Cathy Buhrig, Director-BOP
PA Department of Human Services

ISM Representative
Tricia Cox, IT Director
UT Department of Workforce Services

NAPIPM Representative
Leslie Henderson, Manager, Quality Assurance
UT Department of Workforce Services

NAPCWA Representative
Sheila Poole, Commissioner
NY State Office of Children and Family Services

NASCCA Representative
Lisa Brewer-Walraven, Director, Child Development and Care Program/Office of Great Start
MI Department of Education

NASTA Representative
Babette Roberts, Director, Community Services Division
WA Department of Social and Health Services

NSTDA Representative
Mike Byers, Director
University of Pittsburgh/PA Child Welfare Resource Center

NSTDA Representative
LaTrece Thompson, MSW Deputy Director
IN Department of Child’s Services

AAHHSA Representative
Karen Barber, General Counsel
VT Department of Mental Health