Who We Are

The National Association of State Child Care Administrators (NASCCA) is an affinity group of the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) and was established in 2000. NASCCA enhances and sustains legislative, regulatory, and fiscal policies supportive of effective child care programs.

Our Purpose

To support state and local leaders in developing child care resources designed to meet the needs of children from birth through school age and their families. With a focus on quality and access, NASCCA works to build a child care system that invests in children's well-being and potential through safe and affordable care. 


Economic Mobility and Well-Being Conference (EMWB)
August 14-17, 2022 | Marriott Savannah Riverfront, Savannah, GA

EMWB will bring together members from three APHSA affinity groups – the American Association of SNAP Directors (AASD), the National Association of TANF Administrators (NASTA), and the National Association of Program Information and Performance Management (NAPIPM). EMWB will showcase the work of agencies, researchers, and private sector to advance our collective goal of achieving economic mobility and well-being for all.

Registration is now open!

National Health and Human Services Summit

Come celebrate 90 years of APHSA! We are excited to announce the return of our in-person National Health and Human Services Summit on June 12-15, in Arlington, VA. The Summit is bringing members, partners, and allied organizations together in person and we want you to be there!

Registration is now open!

Latest Resources

Core Principles for TANF Modernization: A Legislative Framework for TANF Reform, March 2022
As we round a quarter-century of TANF, APHSA is embracing the call to reimagine how TANF can work in support of the families it serves. APHSA’s members have laid out a legislative framework to unlock the potential of TANF. We call upon Congress to use this framework as a starting point to build common ground to achieve a TANF reauthorization that promotes a more equitable and prosperous future for all Americans.

Core Principles for TANF Modernization, April 30, 2021
The latest installment of our Cornerstone series highlights how we can build common ground on what families need to thrive and how TANF can align with other key building blocks of well-being, as well as addressing the limitations in current TANF policy—particularly in redressing long-standing structural inequities—so that we can be bold about embracing change.

TANF North Star Map of Core Principles, April 30, 2021
Our Infographic illustrates the renewed vision of what TANF can be and embedded within the principles are the values of equity, inclusion, and the limitless possibilities of human potential.

Unlocking the “Prevention Services” in the Family First Prevention Services Act, December 2021
This policy brief focuses on the challenges and opportunities that the Family First Prevention Services Act offers to accelerate the shift towards a prevention-oriented child well-being system.