Who We Are

We firmly believe that children and families served in local communities are directly impacted by the work of local housing, health, and human services (H/HS) agencies, which impact where clients live, learn, work, play, and age.

We, as a community of local practitioners, utilize the National Council of Local Human Services Administrators (Local Council) – to Influence policy and practice, Build capacity in the field, and Connect with other and partners to advance an integrated, modern, outcome-focused H/HS system.

The Local Council is a national professional membership organization composed of members who serve as administrators, directors, senior leaders, and other agency personnel responsible for county or city housing, health and human service agencies in the United States.

1. Influence policy at the local, state, and federal levels through receipt of real-time intelligence from APHSA staff on federal policy and direct communication with Congress and the Administration;
2. Build knowledge in the field by participating in on-the-ground peer-to-peer technical assistance, support, and networking;
3. Influence adoption of evidence-based practices, application of data analytics, and intentional development and support of the workforce to improve delivery of services and transform the field; and
4. Connect with policymakers, technology innovators, grant-makers and other national influencers (partner think tanks and membership organizations) to advance priorities.

By Building Well-Being From the Ground Up, we will realize our vision of Thriving Communities BUILT on Human Potential.

Our collective vision for Building Well-Being From the Ground Up

APHSA Local Council Infographic

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