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APHSA is network of state, local, and social sector leaders that pursue excellence in health and human services. Serving as a hub for the health and human services community, we work with and through our members to influence federal, state, and local policies; build expertise and capacity; and connect every aspect of human serving systems.

APHSA’s members are committed and passionate human service professionals who strive to provide individuals and families the opportunity to live their healthiest lives and reach their full potential. APHSA believes that we all should have the opportunity to be well regardless of where we live, what our histories are, or what our life experiences have been.

Millions of children, adults, and families in our country experience barriers daily in achieving well-being. Working with and through our members, APHSA influences policy and practice and creates tools and resources for a modern, responsive health and human services system that breaks down these barriers and enables individuals, families, and communities to thrive. Join us!

My participation with APHSA and their Local Council has been the sole influencer over the years that has sculpted my Division’s vision and how our team and Board sets strategic plans and community priorities.

Kelly Harder, Community Services Director, Dakota County, MN


  State Agency

The state agency members are those responsible for administering health and human services at the state level. The membership roster for state agency members includes the agency CEO (appointed by the Governor of each state) and up to 15 designees who are senior leaders within the agency. For questions about State membership please contact Donna Jarvis-Miller, Director, Membership and Events, (202) 866-0569.

  Local Agency

The local agency members are those responsible for administering health and human services at the county or municipal level. The membership roster for local agency members includes the agency CEO and up to 10 designees who are senior leaders within the agency. For questions about Local membership please contact Guy DeSilva, Membership and Marketing Manager,
(202) 682-0100 x280.

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Associate Members are organizations connected to the field of health and human services. These organizations include state associations, nonprofit, advocacy and community based organizations, universities and other academic institutions and state, local or community agencies not directly represented through APHSA affinity groups.

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Individual Members are any individuals with an interest in health and human services who are not directly associated with a state or local agency.

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  Strategic Industry Partners 

APHSA Strategic Industry Partners are organizations that share our values of creating a modern H/HS system that leads to stronger, healthier individuals, families and communities. These partners are actively involved in helping to shape national policies that positively affect human serving agencies by working with APHSA and our members on specific issues which benefit from private sector input and support. Our Partners are engaged members of the H/HS community - supporting and working with APHSA's three Collaborative Centers on policy initiatives, attending and speaking at conferences and events, hosting informative discussions that benefit H/HS leaders and acting as a transformative force to bring positive change to the broader H/HS community.

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