Our Partner Programs

Partner organizations play an important role in educating and engaging APHSA members, funding initiatives that positively impact the health and human services community, and enhancing APHSA’s policy and program positions and strategies. APHSA partnership opportunities include:

Strategic Industry Partners (SIP) Program

Connecting Organizations to Health and Human Services Leaders

As a SIP, APHSA connects you with top-level health and human services executives at the state and local level; enables you to influence their buying decisions; and implement solutions which help to modernize human serving systems and advance the well-being of children, families, and communities. Also, your investment supports numerous APHSA efforts that further the advancement of the health and human services sector.

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Applied Research in Policy (ARIP) Program

Connecting Researchers to Policymakers and Health and Human Services Agencies

ARIP strengthens the connections between human services researchers and state and local implementers around a shared commitment to improving outcomes for children and families. By providing a space dedicated to building a knowledge base on effective policy and practice, ARIP helps accelerate the adoption of investments that are proven to work.

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