Bipartisan and membership driven, The National Association of State TANF Administrators (NASTA) provides national leadership for the development of sound policy, successful and innovative practices, and critical capacity building to improve agency performance and consumer outcomes. NASTA promotes informed decision making through the distribution of best practices and research to enhance the professional development of both its members and the federal policy making process. To facilitate its work, NASTA maintains an active listserv, hosts webinars and all member calls, and conducts an annual education conference and business meeting.


NASTA members are public administrators and other officials who are committed to developing, implementing, and evaluating Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and related economic support programs that are responsive and accountable to the needs of the communities and the people they serve.


Thanks for joining us in Reno! 2019 Conference details coming soon
2018 AADD/NASTA Annual Education Conference
August 26 - 29 | Peppermill Resort

Presentation material from the 2018 Conference is available here.

 Presentation material from the 2017 Conference is available here.
Presentation material from the 2016 Conference is available here.

*Only presentations where presenters granted permission are available.

Latest Resources

TANF at 20: Time for Rational Changes (released November 2016)

TANF at 20: Time for Rational Changes
 was developed by a special work group led by APHSA's Center for Employment and Economic Well-Being and the National Association of State TANF Administrators. It contains suggested legislative, regulatory and administrative recommendations for improving TANF to be more client- and family-centric and to align TANF more productively with elements of other workforce programs. Please click here to view the paper.