Our Partner Programs

When you partner with APHSA you reach one of your key audiences—state and local agencies that manage and oversee the nation’s health and human services system—the core members of APHSA. These agencies have a significant impact on how national health and human services policy is formulated and enacted. APHSA provides access to all states, hundreds of counties and the senior leadership of each respective human-serving organization. Additionally, APHSA Associate members are comprised of higher education, non-profit and research organizations who participate in the collective work of the association.

APHSA is a network of leaders committed to systems-level change. Our partnership opportunities include:

SIP Program

Strategic Industry Partners (SIP) Program

Connecting Organizations to Health and Human Services Leaders

Our Strategic Industry Partners (SIP) play an influential role in engaging and educating APHSA members, funding initiatives that positively impact the health and human services (H/HS) community, and enhancing our policy and program positions and strategies.

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