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Human services agencies have been facing unprecedented shifts in practice as a result of the public health emergency and are balancing staff health and safety, implementation of new technology to facilitate virtual service delivery, and overall staff well-being. APHSA has worked through its full membership and with national experts to advance policy and practice that recognizes and supports the role of human services professionals as a part of the nation’s critical health and safety infrastructure. Here you will find a 5-part video compilation of on addressing workforce wellbeing during emergency response, into recovery, and beyond.

The New Economy and Child Care: Nonstandard-Hour Work, Child Care, and Child Health and Well-Being

APHSA has teamed with Mathematica to create this report examining how changing work schedules of mothers with young children is linked to child care instability and problems for children’s health and well-being. Analysis of a nationwide survey finds young children of mothers who face changing work schedules are at increased risk for behavior problems; while interviews with state child care administrators reveal their concern about the ability to serve these families. The report recommends alternative ways to offer child care assistance to working parents with nonstandard hours and better infrastructure to serve them.

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