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Integrated Eligibility

Explore how Accenture can help build, enhance and/or manage state-integrated eligibility systems.

Public Sector Health

We help public sector health deliver on the promise of modernization, transform service delivery and improve health equity.

Child Welfare

Our team offers rapid-cycle consulting solutions and innovative tech for case management and caseworker recruiting and training.

Succeeding Differently in Child Welfare

Fairfax County Department of Family Services keeps change on track with collaborative change.

Meet "AVA": The State of Tennessee's Virtual Agent

Tennessee deploys an AI-powered chatbot to provide family assistance and improved citizen experience.



How Data Draws a Road Map Out of Homelessness

As cities grapple with rising homelessness, states struggle to distribute relief money. Yet change is within our grasp.

How States Can Use Meaningful Data to Enhance Child Care

As the world stabilizes from the COVID-19 pandemic, states must build a system of child care centers that aid families in the workforce.

How Government Can Accelerate Digital Transformation for Social Protection

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the urgency of accelerating digital transformation for social services into stark focus.


Change Management 101: Empowering Human Services Agencies to Embrace Innovation

Whether you’re implementing a new tool, technology, policy, or practice model, Northwoods new change management guide can help your human services agency approach change in a way that leads to lasting and measurable success. You’ll find best practices and strategies to ease the journey, from overcoming the initial obstacles that stand in your way to maintaining changes over time.

Human Services Technology Toolkit

This guide covers key considerations and challenges for each stage of the technology buying process.

Let’s Talk About Burnout (and Other Burdens)

This brief from Northwoods contains strategies, best practices and resources to help address burnout and other human services issues, highlighting the integral role that technology has to play.


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