Prioritizing Leadership Development in Our Field

By: Charmaine Brittain, Butler Institute for Families, University of Denver & Tracy Wareing Evans, APHSA  |  October 2018

Today’s health and human services agencies recognize the importance of leadership development, yet too often don’t know which direction to take, or get wrapped up in trying to follow the latest leadership fads. Instead, agencies should eschew trendy approaches and focus on solid strategies and principles that embody timeless messages, including distributing leadership, focusing on strengths, and developing a learning culture.

Distributive leadership means developing leadership at every organizational level to acknowledge the contribution made by all staff—as the frontline staff of today will lead agencies tomorrow. Leadership development has shifted from an executive-level focus to recognizing the importance of leadership development for all agency levels, which then provides...

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Building Well-Being from the Ground Up

By: Tracy Wareing Evans  |  June 2018

Building Well-Being

As we work with leaders across the country, there is an increasing energy aimed at advancing economic and social mobility with and through the communities in which we live. This focus on “localism” is evident across geographic areas, governance....

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The Health and Human Services Workforce: Igniting the Potential Part 2

Supporting and Enhancing the Child Protection Workforce

By: Jamie Sorenson & Traci LaLiberte              April 2018


Minnesota is one of a handful of states whose child welfare system is structured as a state-supervised and county-administered model. Minnesota’s system spans a large geographical area made up of 87 counties and 11 federally recognized tribes...

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The Health and Human Services Workforce: Igniting the Potential
Part 1

By: Tracy Wareing Evans  |  March 2018


In our 2017 member survey, concerns about the agency workforce topped the list of what keeps health and human services (H/HS) leaders up at night: the ability to recruit and retain staff with the right talents and capabilities; how best to develop and train the workforce in a...

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Unlocking the Power of Human Services to Build Strong Families and Communities

By: Tracy Wareing Evans and Susan N. Dreyfus  |  February 2018

Building Well-Being

Imagine a country where every citizen has the ability to reach their full potential—a country where families and communities have access to the building blocks that sustain well-being and a foundation of support provided by a range of systems working collaboratively across...

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2017 & 2016 Posts

What's Wrong with Worthiness? And Other Framing Dilemmas...

By: Nat Kendall-Taylor  |  March 2016


What do the phrases working families, low-wage earners, on the path to self-sufficiency, and building financial stability have in common? One similarity is that they are all terms that the human services sector frequently uses to describe the benefits...

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The Human Services Value Curve: From Concept to Execution

By: Tracy Wareing Evans  |  July 2016

Human ServiceS Value Curve

Throughout my travels this summer, I have had the opportunity to spend time with many of our members, partners, and other transformative leaders steering our collective work. One theme that continues to emerge in our conversations is the Human Services Value Curve. I have even heard things like...

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