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Leveraging Real-Time Data Dashboards: Maximize Learning and Feedback Effectiveness During Child Welfare Simulation Training

This article from APHSA's August 2021 Policy & Practice Magazine details an adaptive and interactive simulation that allows more caseworkers to practice skills with immediate feedback from both trainers and their peers and encourages higher engagement through observation activity that leads to discussion.


Competency Guides for Human Services Roles

Competent, qualified professional and clerical personnel are key to the success of an effective organizational development and training program. Based upon a review of the literature and discussions with leaders in the field, nine major roles were identified.


The following Competency Guides are available as a free download:


The NSDTA Code of Ethics for Training and Development Professionals in Human Services

The NSDTA Code of Ethics  for Training and Development Professionals in Human Services is available as a free download which supports the national dialogue on ethical issues in human services training and organizational development.


Training and Development in Human Services is the journal of the National Staff Development Training Association (NSDTA)

This journal is structured in a way that encourages the "traditional" conceptual and empirical journal articles that contribute to advancement of the field. The journal also provides very practical compositions that can be immediately applied by training and organizational development practitioners. Journal articles pertain to one of these four areas:

  • State of the Field

  • Learning Activities

  • Instrumentation and Methodology

  • Conceptual and Empirical

NSDTA Journal Special Issue: Supporting Change in Child Welfare: An Evaluation of Training and Technical Assistance Volume 9 2017


A New Key to Success: Guidelines for Effective Staff Development and Training Programs

Knowledgeable, skilled, and well-motivated staff are critical to the effective operation of human service programs. Staff need knowledge about program policy, professional and technical competence and the ability to work with a broad spectrum of people: clients, staff within the agency, other agencies, and the public at large.


The most effective way to ensure that staff acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to carry out their responsibilities to the optimum and are prepared to assume greater responsibility in the future is through an organized staff development and training program.

A New Key to Success  are the guidelines necessary to support your changing organization’s programs.


Organizational Effectiveness Framework

Public human services agency training and organizational development directors are seeking ways to positively influence and impact their organizations, towards improved performance and outcomes for the children, families, and communities that they serve.  APHSA has developed a set of models and tools that can help them do just that.


APHSA’s OE Handbook  contains everything a facilitator needs to guide an organization through a continuous improvement process.


APHSA has also developed tools and guidance specifically for training and organizational development directors and other leaders seeking to enhance the performance and capacity of their support functions. A Guidebook for Building Organizational Effectiveness Capacity -- A Training System Example  helps strategic support functions expand their roles to strengthen their impact on the effectiveness of larger organizations they serve.


This work continues to grow and evolve. For more information, review the OE website or feel free to contact us  at any time.


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