Organizational Effectiveness – Services

We provide direct, on-site, and virtual consultative services to help agencies make lasting organizational improvements, both immediate and long range, that in turn lead to improved client outcomes. Our consulting approach can best be described as "learning by doing," which is the way that adults learn best and are most likely to improve their performance.

We have the following specific areas of expertise and strategic focus:

Health & Human Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational System Assessments
  • Developing Vision, Mission & Values
  • Creating Organizational Alignment between Mission, Initiatives, Resource Allocation, Capacity and Outcomes
  • Practice Model Development
  • Developing & implementing Highly Customized Strategic Playbooks and Models of Practice
  • Business Process Improvement

Culture & Climate

  • Creating an Organizational Culture that Supports Continuous Improvement
  • Developing Safety and Accountability
  • Building Trust and Empowerment
  • Quality Assurance and Improvement

Data Systems Integration

  • Assessment of Current Data Systems and Readiness for Program Integration
  • Developing Organizational and Data Governance Structures
  • Developing a Road Map for System Integration
  • No-Wrong-Door Solutions

Talent Acquisition & Development

  • Staff Retention
  • Middle Management and Supervisory Effectiveness
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Support Function Improvement (Training, HR, IT, Budget and Finance, Planning, QA)
  • Leadership Development
  • Leading Learning and Curriculum Development

Value Curve Progression

  • Introduction to the Human Services Value Curve
  • Organizational and Community Value Curve Assessment
  • Application of Value Curve within Organizational Practice
  • Planning and Implementation for How to Progress Along the Value Curve on an Organizational, Programmatic or Staff Level

Community Partnerships & Ecosystem Development

  • Developing Community Navigator Programs
  • Assessing Readiness and Risk for Community Investments
  • Developing Shared Governance

Our OE Team specializes in customizing our services to meet your needs and achieve your desired impact. For more information, please contact us!

Hear What Our Clients Say

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how amazing our time was yesterday with [our APHSA Facilitator]. I feel like we accomplished so much, staff were honest and respectful with one another. The OE facilitator’s style was absolutely perfect for what I was hoping to achieve. I can’t wait to have them back for our work with the supervisor.

– Child Welfare Administrator

The work I have done as an OE Facilitator in my agency led to additional funding, and increased community wide engagement and implementation of grass-roots programmatic change toward a common goal of ending child fatalities directly linked to child abuse or neglect. It has also supported my known commitment to quality, through internal county leadership development though training and coaching.

– Child Welfare Supervisor in a Local Agency

As the Division Manager for Children, Youth, and Families, I am grateful for the support over the last year provided by the team at APHSA. The progress we have made on this project as a result of their support has allowed us to engage an implementation team that has equal representation from each service delivery system within the Department to develop a deeper understanding of the needs of our most vulnerable families. We also better understand collectively what each Division does and their role in supporting families.

Through using the Human Service Value Curve and other data collection and analysis tools that APHSA has to offer, we have prepared our internal implementation team for community involvement.

– Division Manager in a Health and Human Service Agency

It is so energizing doing this work and seeing the different ways that we can impact families, aside from the day-to-day case management that we often get used to doing!

– OE Facilitator and Ongoing Social Worker in a Health and Social Service Agency

I think this process... really caused a paradigm shift within the agency. The culture changed to become more family friendly and engaging.

– OE External Evaluation

It is the staff making the changes, and knowing they had something to do with the changes being made is the most critical thing. Giving people a voice and letting them know that it is being heard.

– OE External Evaluation

[The OE Process] formalized ways in which the way the leadership would treat each other, communicate, [and] have difficult and courageous conversations, for purposes for moving forward.

– OE External Evaluation

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