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OE Team Members

The Organizational Effectiveness (OE) staff of APHSA is here to help you! Find out more about each of our staff members that make up our OE team!

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Jen Kerr

Director, Organizational Effectiveness [email protected]

Jen Kerr is the Director of Organizational Effectiveness (OE) for the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA). Jen brings over 18 years of Organizational Effectiveness Consulting, Curriculum Development and Training System Design, and Continuous Quality Improvement experience in supporting health and human service agencies across the country. As part of APHSA’s OE team, Jen has assisted with the facilitation of over 120 improvement projects in 30 states including many localities. Jen also co-leads APHSA’s workforce well-being and health strategy through its development as a component of OE technical assistance.

Prior to coming to APHSA, Jen began her career at the Philadelphia Department of Human Services and spent 12+ years with the University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work’s Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center. Since joining APHSA, Jen has been the liaison to the National Staff Development and Training Association, an affinity group of APHSA. When not working, Jen spends most of her time at her daughters’ basketball, soccer and lacrosse games and supporting her local community through numerous volunteer efforts.

Alexander Figueroa

Consultant, Organizational Effectiveness[email protected]

Alex brings over thirteen years of experience in training facilitation in child support, leadership, and professional development to the APHSA OE team. He’s experienced in delivering comprehensive training and specialized workshops at various state, regional, and national conferences. Prior to joining APHSA, Alex was the Manager of Human Services Initiatives at the Institute for Families (IFF), Rutgers School of Social Work. In that capacity, he managed the staff at the New Jersey Child Support Institute (NJCSI).

Kimberly James

Consultant, Organizational Effectiveness[email protected]

Kimberly James is an Organizational Effectiveness (OE) Consultant with the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA). Kimberly has 25 years of experience within the health and human services field with a concentration in child welfare. Kimberly has served in leadership roles in both the public and private provider sectors, serving as the Director of a foster care and adoption agency as well as the Director of a children and youth agency. Kimberly has years of positive experience facilitating change management and other organizational development activities for health and human services agencies utilizing APHSA’s DAPIM™ model. Kimberly has also participated at every level in the federal Child and Family Services Review and other formalized Quality Assurance (QA) processes. Kimberly has both Bachelor and Master of Social Work (BSW) degrees and is a licensed social worker (LSW) in the state of Pennsylvania.

Tina Wright-Ervin

Consultant, Organizational Effectiveness[email protected]

Tina Wright-Ervin

Tina Wright-Ervin has over 20 years of organizational development, management, supervision, and training experience in retail, corporate, and human services settings. Prior to joining APHSA, Tina worked for San Bernardino County serving in various capacities in Human Services, starting as a Social Service Practitioner for Children and Family Services and most recently serving as the Training & Development Manager for the County’s Performance, Education and Resource Center providing OE and Leadership Training Development (LTD) for the largest geographic county in the nation. Tina is a dedicated champion for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and applies an EDI lens in her work with organizations to ensure that they are effective in their efforts. Tina is also a proud former Disney “cast member” where she began her OE and LTD journey.

Trinka Landry-Bourne

Consultant, Organizational Effectiveness[email protected]


Trinka Landry-Bourne

Trinka has three decades of experience in health and human services, including project management, budgetary monitoring, organizational development, training, facilitation, and leadership. Prior to coming to APHSA, Trinka oversaw the development of training and leadership projects for the largest geographical County in the United States. As instructor/professor, she has taught numerous Human Services, Diversity and Inclusion, and Cultural Leadership classes. Trinka served on the NSDTA Executive Advisory Council as Chair and President of the San Bernardino County Association of African American Employees with regular opportunities to present locally/nationally. Trinka is earning a Doctorate in Public Administration from CBU with zealous passion in organizational development, promoting excellence throughout the Nation.