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The Organizational Effectiveness (OE) staff of APHSA is here to help you! Find out more about each of our staff members that make up our OE team!

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Jen Kerr

Director, Organizational Effectiveness

Jen Kerr is the Director of Organizational Effectiveness (OE) for the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA). Jen brings over 18 years of Organizational Effectiveness Consulting, Curriculum Development and Training System Design, and Continuous Quality Improvement experience in supporting health and human service agencies across the country. As part of APHSA’s OE team, Jen has assisted with the facilitation of over 120 improvement projects in 30 states including many localities. Jen also co-leads APHSA’s workforce well-being and health strategy through its development as a component of OE technical assistance.

Prior to coming to APHSA, Jen began her career at the Philadelphia Department of Human Services and spent 12+ years with the University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work’s Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center. Since joining APHSA, Jen has been the liaison to the National Staff Development and Training Association, an affinity group of APHSA. When not working, Jen spends most of her time at her daughters’ basketball, soccer and lacrosse games and supporting her local community through numerous volunteer efforts.

Natalie Williams

Consultant, Organizational

Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams is an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant with the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) and a human services expert with over 18 years of experience in the field.

In her current capacity, she serves human service and health provider agencies in both the nonprofit and public sectors by directing them through the industries best practices and allow them to be nimble enough to change, manage the process and improve the overall daily functions of their organization.

Her varied experiences and knowledge allowed her to lead the Jefferson County Department of Human Services to be recognized as an “Employer of Choice.” As an innovative strategist, Natalie has directed projects that have resulted in better delivery of services to communities and better internal operating practices for the agency. Other initiatives she has guided include, Child Welfare TANF system integration, Child Welfare Staff Development, Workforce Development and Head Start Service Delivery. She has expertise in the development and maintenance of company wide leadership and training opportunities for employees, incorporating diversity, inclusion and equity principles, identify and evaluate health equity issues and outcomes, and managing the daily operations of a site based human services agency.

Natalie is also proven critical thinker who is results oriented. She utilizes her multi-sector experience to assist organizations in developing initiatives to meet the agency’s goals. Natalie’s passion for developing leaders in organizations that serve the most vulnerable populations and communities is evidenced in her work and the outcomes.

In addition to being an excellent resource for human services organizations, Natalie is a wife and mother who loves to travel with her family and explore new places and cultures.

Kimberly James

Consultant, Organizational

Kimberly James is an Organizational Effectiveness (OE) Consultant with the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA). Kimberly has 25 years of experience within the health and human services field with a concentration in child welfare. Kimberly has served in leadership roles in both the public and private provider sectors, serving as the Director of a foster care and adoption agency as well as the Director of a children and youth agency. Kimberly has years of positive experience facilitating change management and other organizational development activities for health and human services agencies utilizing APHSA’s DAPIM™ model. Kimberly has also participated at every level in the federal Child and Family Services Review and other formalized Quality Assurance (QA) processes. Kimberly has both Bachelor and Master of Social Work (BSW) degrees and is a licensed social worker (LSW) in the state of Pennsylvania.

Bryan Grove

Consultant, Organizational

Bryan Grove

Bryan Grove has been an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant with APHSA since March of 2016. During Bryan's first year with APHSA, Bryan worked primarily with Health and Human Services Value Curve translation, facilitating deep dive assessments of local systems of care seeking to move vulnerable populations upstream in integration of Health and Human Services to improve outcomes and save health costs downstream; and evaluation of the impact of the ACA on the level of integration between Medicaid and SNAP program in 6 states across the US. Prior to working for APHSA, Bryan worked at the MS Department of Human Services. In addition to his role as a program director for Early Childhood Care and Development with the childcare subsidy program, Bryan served as an organizational effectiveness facilitator for the agency division directors and for the agency leadership development program. Originally from the state of Washington, Bryan studied Sustainable Community Development from the University of Washington honors college. A portion of the degree provided a year of practical experience focusing on empowerment and community development in rural Morocco after a 2004 earthquake. Bryan moved to Jackson, MS in 2008 as a consultant to facilitate the creation of a multi-ethnic college housing and mentoring community for the John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development near Jackson State University. While involved in this work, Bryan completed his Masters or Arts degree in Urban Planning at Jackson State University with an emphasis in community development and housing and sought to apply these principles of sustainable community development within positions in state and local government. Together with Bryan's wife, Mallory, he loves to connect across cultures, helping others build bridges of friendship, understanding, justice and trust.